Thursday, March 27, 2014

She is perfect!

Tuesdays are my afternoons with Maya. February 25th was no different. I raced out of work to spend as much time with my bug as the sun would allow. I had barely had my third squeeze from Maya when I got this text from Hayley:

I was so excited, but Hayley was convinced this was going to be a long labor, one she wanted to do primarily at home with Clayton, her doula Sarah, her best friend Tiffany and me.  We texted back and forth for a few minutes. I was ready to come then and there, but Hayley wasn't so sure it was time yet. 

So I took Maya for a walk to the park, our favorite place to go together. A bit before 5 we headed back home. When we got in the door, I told Ulli about the text from Hayley but that I hadn't heard anything from her in about an hour. A few minutes later my phone rang. The ID said Clayton. I answered quickly, very excited, and said, "Hey Son!" But the voice was female, and all she said was, "Get to the hospital. Quick!" click.

I jumped in my car and headed into heavy traffic. I texted Clayton back and asked if Sarah was there yet. The response was "Not yet. 9 1/2 dilated." Wait. WHAT? "How do you know that?" I asked, but there was no reply for several minutes. I then got a text that said, "They're not letting us in the room just yet, they're just moving them out of triage and into a room." I don't know when or how I figure out I was talking to Tiffany, all I remember is the freeway opened up and I did 80 on the 210 to the 134 and just as I pulled into the hospital parking structure I got this: "She's here. Perfect." WHAT???? Like mother, like daughter (I had Hayley within 10 minutes of getting to the hospital.

photo by Tiffany
Luna Leigh Margaret Hughes
February 25, 2014
5:44 p.m.
7lbs, 6oz. 
20 inches long
photo by Hayley